47 IAS of UP cadre to leave for training, 31 DM posts to get vacant

IAS officers
47 IAS of UP cadre to leave for training, 31 DM posts to get vacant

Lucknow: As many as 47 IAS officers have been shortlisted for the training programme out of which 31 are currently posted as DM (District Magistrate). These officers have to be there for training on 9th of this month as the question is still unanswered that who will be appointed as the replacement of these officers.

According to the procedure followed, Chief Minister of the state has to be informed about the names of the officers who will be replacing the officers sent for training. However, according to sources, there has not been any list sent to the Chief Minister and the officers who are not going for training are expecting for the positing to the respective districts.

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Training of the officers is just a routine work and every officer has to be a part of this training within his job tenure of 7 to 10 years and are sent for the two months training to Mysore.

Some of the officers are sent for training of fourth phase after the 17-20 years of job service, however there are chances that some of the officers are not sent and their training is postponed keeping in mind that their substitute will not be that effective.

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