5 kg gold robbery from private firm

Gold loot.

Rajkot: In an incident of stealing jewellery from a private firm in daylight, 5 kg gold jewellery worth Rs 90 lakh was taken away by three persons from the office of Muthoot Finance Corporation Ltd which gives gold loans in Dhorajitown.

The entire loot was captured in CCTV cameras installed in the office which clearly shows the three persons coming inside and taking away jewellery from the locker.

This incident took place around 9.55am when the trio stepped in the office, one of them armed with a country-made pistol and the two others were with knives locked the gate from inside along with three staffers.

VJ Chaudhary, police officer of Dhoraji town police station said that the thieves did not cover their face and their faces were clearly visible in the CCTV cameras. Hiren Aghera coordinator of Muthoot Fin Corp Ltd’s Dhoraji office has lodged a complaint with the police.

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