5 ways to make your nails look trendy

Photo used for representation only.

Nail art is definitely a way to raise your nail’s standard and applying various combinations on your nails are trending these days. This year bright colors are dominating the fashion, from crimson red to bold blues.

Here are some ways to make your nails look beautiful:-

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1) Go for various shapes like circles and squares and try different art on every nail as this year’s trend says that every nail has its own identity.

2) The latest trend in the Indian nail industry is 3D art. So, design your nails with such a creative fashion.

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3) Give your nails some attention and apply nail paint in some section of your nail that is middle, lower or upper.

4) Apply a thin coat of nail paint as base and then apply glitter over it.

5) Index finger detailing is also in trend. Apply any color on your index finger and the other color on the remaining ones.

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