AAP accuse Defence Minister of ignoring national security

Panaji: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) today blamed the Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar of interfering in Goa governance matters and further accused them of the ignoring the national security.

AAP spokesperson Ashutosh talking to media in Panaji today stated: “When the Pathankot attack happened, Parrikar was in Goa. When the Pulgaon fire occurred, he was in Goa. The prime minister had to tell Parrikar to go to Pulgaon. His interference in Goa matters is putting the nation’s defence at risk.”

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Ashutosh further raised several questions as to how Parrikar is holding the cabinet meetings: “The BJP should explain in what capacity is Manohar Parrikar holding cabinet meetings, since as per the constitution, only the members of the cabinet and the secretaries of the concerned departments invited by the cabinet are supposed to participate in these meetings.”

He also went on to say that Bharatiya Janata Party should explain and clarify whether Manohar Parrikar or Parsekar was the state’s chief minister and why he is holding the meetings as Parrikar is neither a cabinet minister nor an official in the Goa government.

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