Acche Din for UP farmers

In order to make sure that the advantages of Fasal Rin Mochan Yojana percolate to the deserving beneficiaries, the Yogi government is working overtime to link the Aadhaar number of farmers with the scheme.

According to official sources, up till now more than 40 per cent of the beneficiary farmers having an Aadhaar number have been linked with the scheme.

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Going deeper into the move, there is no denying the fact that by adopting this methodology, chances of any sort of discrepancy is minimized.  But still there are few questions that needs to be answered. For example, what about those farmers that do not possess Aadhaar cards.

Another important thing that UP government is doing is implementing the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana.

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The beauty of this scheme is that it ensures minimum premium, and maximum insurance for farmer welfare. Thanks to this, farmers will not feel the brunt of premiums, especially those who opt for loans for their cultivation, protecting them against the inclement weather.

In terms of statistics, Rs 67,682 crore have been allocated to agriculture in this Budget.

Furthermore, there is a provision of Rs 261.66 crore for soil survey and testing.

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