Action being taken against illegal slaughterhouses only: Siddharth Nath Singh on meat sellers strike

Photo of the meat sellers in UP.

The state government was forced to clarify the misunderstanding over the ranging issue of meat sellers across Uttar Pradesh calling a strike in protest against the new government’s shutdown order on slaughterhouses.

While talking to the media, senior minister Siddharth Nath Singh cleared the misunderstanding among the people and stated that the government has not issued any order to shutdown the shops selling meat in the state.

He also requested people of the state not to believe in rumors doing rounds on social media.

Singh went on to say: “Action being taken against illegal slaughterhouses only, legal slaughterhouses should continue to follow regulations. Those who have proper license would not be shut down.”

The minister also asked the police officials not to get overexcited while taking action against the illegal slaughterhouses. He further went on to say: “Vigilantism by police is unacceptable.”

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