Actress Madhur Velankar attends ‘Soul in Stone’ Painting Exhibition

Solo Photo Exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery saw the presence of Actress Madhur Velankar. After spending a long time abroad Vanita was fascinated by the Indian Sculptures and Temple Architecture which she deiced to capture them into digital format on canvas and decorate it with further magical strokes in her personal visual language. In her images she strikes a dialogue between manmade heritage, its cultural meaning in contemporary context that emerges into innovative form of Artwork.

“Creating image is about telling powerful stories. I use Photography as a tool for creating awareness and understanding across cultures, communities, and countries; a tool to make sense of our commonalities in the world we share. I believe the way to find common ground is by seeing yourself in others.”, says the vetran artist photographer Vanita Jadhav. Through her photographs Vanita brings forth the valued cultural practices, timeless Indian traditions that are fast missing in recent times. She sheds light on the myths of this country of mysterious paradoxes; the land where civilizations and times intermix, a mysterious place which attracts people from all over the world.

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Vanita has spends a significant amount of time reading ancient Indian Mythology, Manuscripts, Scriptures, such as Vedas, Bhagvad Gita which is also reflected in her art. Vanita has passion for teaching and she has also supported upcoming artist in various ways. The artist never ceases to learn, “I believe art inspires me to learn every day….” exclaims the artist.

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