Afghan shooting: Five female airport workers and driver killed

Afghan shooting: Five female airport workers and driver killed

Kabul: According to the information given by the sources, as many as five female airport workers and a driver lost their lives while they were hit by bullets fired on their vehicle by unknown gunmen.

The dire incident took place in the Kandahar province of Afghanistan and the firing took place around 5.30 a.m in Kandhar city.

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Government officials gave information that workers were traveling to office at the time they were attacked and the investigation has been initiated to know the reason behind the incident.

Officials further held responsible Taliban militants for the attack keeping in mind that no group or individual has till now taken responsibility for the attack.

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Bloodshed has been mounting in the country from the time when draw-down of foreign military forces was done over the last couple of years. And since then the Afghan security forces have found it difficult to tackle the hike in attacks by anti-government fighters.