All you need to know about the Blue Whale Challenge!

The next big thing that social media is going though these days is the #BlueWhaleChallenge. This challenge was invented by Philipp Budeikin, a 22-year-old Russian. He was jailed for three years by a Siberian court for inciting young people to kill themselves.

What is Blue Whale Challenge?

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In this challenge participants have to tackle a series of challenges that are given by admins of private groups in social media for 50 days. It begins with watching a scary movie and escalates to extremes, comprising of self-harm.
On the 50th day, the participant is asked to commit suicide after documenting the act in the form of videos/photos.

It has been dubbed a hoax, but disturbing selfharm images have appeared on social media showing cuts carved into the skin in the shape of a Blue Whale.

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Deaths due to The Blue Whale Challenge

This challenge has drawn attention in India after a tragic incident where a 14 year old boy from Mumbai killed himself. The Class 9 student jumped off the fifth floor of the building in Sher-e-Punjab area of suburban Andheri at around 5 pm. According to media reports and information gathered by police, the teenager’s friends were chatting on social media groups about his death being linked to the Blue Whale online suicide challenge game.

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