All you want to know about Vice-Presidential election

New Delhi: The day has arrived when India will elect its 13th vice-president. Similar to the president, the vice-president also plays a significant part in country’s democratic system, more so, with the kind of powers Rajya Sabha has in Indian democracy.

However, unlike the president, the vice-president is elected only by the central legislature — the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha.

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Furthermore, members do not just have to select their preferred candidate, but most importantly they also need to rank all candidates in order of their preference.

The NDA yesterday organized a dummy note in order to explain the working of the system, minimizing the possibility of invalid ballots.

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Because if this, vice president election is strongly contested.

The government has majority in the Lower House and is in line to take a majority in the Rajya Sabha thanks to the recent good performance in state elections.

The vice-president has plenty of power when it comes to constitutional side of things. The vote is through a secret ballot, therefore, members may choose to vote based on their conscience, ignoring their party whips.

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