Allahabad: BSP leader shot dead, city tense

Allahabad: Violence broke out in Allahabad on Tuesday after Rajesh Yadav, leader of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) was shot dead.

As per sources, Rajesh Yadav, a BSP leader was shot dead outside Allahabad University’s Tara Chand Hostel. The politician reportedly had an argument with a group of people, who threw stones at his car and then shot in his stomach.

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Sources say that the 40-year-old politician succumbed to his injuries while undergoing treatment at a hospital. Yadav’s body was then sent for post-mortem.

Sources reveal that after shooting Yadav, his attackers escaped. Police have found two empty cartridges inside the politician’s SUV car.

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According to reports, protestors set fire to two buses and a mob of about 50 damaged a private hospital in Allahabad. They allegedly snatched and broke the cameras and mobile phones of the journalists.

A police official has described the situation as tensed.

An FIR has been lodged after Rajesh’s wife filed a complaint. Yadav was BSP’s candidate from Gyanpur in the last Uttar Pradesh state elections.

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