Amazon to create 100, 000 jobs

Photo related to American company Amazon to create 100, 000 jobs.

Washington: An American based electronic commerce and cloud computing company Amazon today said that it will create more than 10,000 new jobs in the United States in next upcoming 18 months.

An official from the company said on Thursday that it would create an additional 100,000 full time jobs in the country by mid-2018.

The e-commerce giant which has near about 180,000 US workers in company amid to grow its global headcount by 38 percent in the third quarter of last year.

In October 2016, the company added 80,000 new employees, both full and part time and now it has more than 300,000 employees.

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Amazon is the latest company to deliver job and investment announcements ahead of Donald Trump’s inauguration next week.

However, its chief Jeff Bezos appeared to smooth things over by participating in a meeting between tech leaders and Trump last month.

Amazon was a frequent target of criticism from the president-elect during the campaign.

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