Amit Shah direct message to Amethi voters: Just get rid of Rahul Gandhi

Amethi: Setting its agenda on Amethi, a team of BJP leaders, descended on the Lok Sabha constituency accusing MP Rahul Gandhi of neglect and inaccessibility.

Pinpointing that the people of Gujarat were aware of the development brought in by the BJP-ruled government as well as the works of the Narendra Modi-led Centre, Amit. Shah asked Rahul Gandhi to explain why Amethi had failed to develop despite having three generations of MPs from the Nehru-Gandhi family.

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“You seek an account of our three years [in power], Rahul baba? What did Modiji do in three years. The people of Amethi seek an account of three generations from you,” he said.

The BJP chief exhorted voters in Amethi to abandon the Nehru-Gandhi family.

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“There will be a change in Amethi in 2019. When we come to seek votes then, we won’t come with promises but present to you things we have already done,” BJP President said.


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