Anna Kendrick feels annoyed on Twitter

Photo of Hollywood singer and actress Anna Kendrick.

Los Angeles: American singer and Hollywood actress Anna Kendrick revealed her twitter frustration as she told that she gets annoyed by the people who don’t understand her tweets.

The 31-year-old posts on Twitter a lot and has become widely known for her humorous online posts. But feels irked when her followers do not grasp the point she is trying to make.

The actress has more than five million Twitter followers, said: “People don’t always get them. There was one where I thought ‘oh yeah, this is the one –they’re not ready for this!’ And it didn’t work at all.

She further added, “It was: ‘I hate it when you can tell a comedian has done something just for the material. Like going on a blind date, or having children.’ And everyone was like, ‘oh you mean how they all talk about airplane food?’ Um, no?.”