Anti-nuclear candidate Ryuichi elected as governor of Japan’s Niigata prefecture

Tokyo: As per the information given by the electoral commission of Niigata, the 49-year-old independent and anti-nuclear candidate Ryuichi Yoneyama has been elected as the governor of the Japan’s Niigata prefecture.

According to the electoral commission of Niigata, Yoneyama has had the support of the Communist Party and two other small groups, won with 53.2 per cent of the vote against his rival Tamio Mori, the electoral commission of Niigata reported Monday.

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Since the start of the campaign, Yoneyama expressed a clear position against restarting the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear plant, which was shut down after the Fukushima nuclear accident in 2011. His opponent Mori never took a clear position on the issue, EFE news reported.

Yoneyama stated: “As I have promised all of you, under current circumstances where we can’t protect your lives and your way of life, I declare clearly that I can’t approve a restart.”

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