Apple ‘security’ lock decoded by Kerala youth

Photo of an engineering student Hemanth Joseph who cracked Apple security lock.

Kochi: A Kerala boy named Hemanth Joseph who is an engineering student managed to decode the security of Apple iphone which allows the owner to avoid others from using the iphone, ipad, ipod etc once it is missing or stolen.

Joseph who is an engineering student at Amal Jyothi College of Engineering, Kanjirappally went on to write on his blog: “I found out a way to bypass the lock screen when somebody tries to open any of devices, locked by the owner using ‘Find iPhone’ app.”

When asked by his friends who were eager to know the whereabouts of how he did it, he further went on to write on his blog: “There was no character limit in those input fields. No one will set a Wi-Fi name with a 10,000-letter name or a password with 10,000 letters so a character limit is important for fixing this bug.”

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The things started when Joseph bought a second hand ipad from one of his friends and when finding out that the ipad was locked by the owner on the other hand when trying to figure out the password he discovered that it doesn’t have any character limit for input fields for the confirmation before connecting to other Wi-Fi options.

Hemanth calls himself a ‘security decoder’ and won US$ 7,500 (Rs 5 lakh) from Google for pointing out a bug in its Cloud platform. Similarly he has received acknowledgments for his achievement from several other companies which includes Microsoft, Pebble, Twitter and AT&T. This time, Apple has written to him saying they are investigating the issue.

By:- Prishita Rathi

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