Are you a chain smoker & want to quit smoking? Read this!

As we all know that cigarette smoking is injurious to health to a great extent but most of the people are still habitual to smoking and are chain smokers. Youngsters are the ones who are addicted to smoking cigarette starting at a very tender which is not good for their health.

Some people start smoking when they find it cool and trendy unaware of the damage it causes to their body. Smoking cigarette reduces your life span and damage your kidney, liver and effects the circulation of your blood leading to collection of carbon monoxide in your blood.

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But, rightly said ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’ and if the chain smokers want to quit smoking they need to find a way. Here are few ways to follow if you want to get rid of cigarette:-

1. Nicotine replacement therapy will help you not to crave for smoking and for more therapies visit your physician in order to know which other therapy will be best for you.

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2. Usually stress is the reason behind most of the people’s habit to smoke. So, in order to get relief from your stress and relaxing your mind opt for exercise, yoga, meditation etc on a daily basis.

3. Nicotine nozzle spray, nicotine inhalers, nicotine chewing gums will help you to a great extent to quit cigarette and for that matter there are certain medicines that will help you not to crave for smoking.

By:- Prishita Rathi

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