Our army has done a great job with the surgical strikes: Hema Malini

Mumbai: Veteran actress and politician Hema Malini today stated that Indian army has done a brilliant job with the surgical strikes and she further went on to say that she does not support Pakistani artistes working in India.

Hema tweeted: “I would like to say that I am 100 per cent with our jawans (soldiers), who are fighting and dying for our country and do not support Pakistan artistes working here. Jai Hind!”.

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“Our army has done a great job with the surgical strikes and the whole country should be supportive of them. Why ask for proof of action? Unheard of!” she added.

Asked about her view on the ban on Pakistani artistes in India, the BJP’s Lok Sabha member from Mathura constituency said: “I don’t want to comment much on this controversial question. But all I can say is that we are artistes and so are those who come from there (Pakistan) to perform here.”

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“As an artiste, I can appreciate their work. But whether they should stay here or not, I can’t comment.”


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