Arnab Goswami may launch his new venture ‘Republic’

Photo of senior jounalist Arnab Goswami who may come up with his new venture soon.

New Delhi: Famous journalist and former ediotr-in-chief and Prsident of Times Now baner Arnab Goswami has officially announced his upcoming venture and it will be named as ‘Republic’.

Arnab had announced his resignation from Times Now earlier in November this year and since then there were rumours round the corner that he might make his comeback with a new venture.

All the rumours were turned down when Arnab officially announced the show which will be his next venture, while talking to the media he went on to say that: “My venture is called ‘Republic’; I seek the support of the people of India.”

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However, not disclosing all the details about the show he said that he will soon be giving all the related information about the venture in the coming few days.

According to the reports, the venture will be based out of Mumbai and is likely to go live before Uttar Pradesh in 2017. Arnab is currently busy working on the team that will be associated with his new venture.

Social media had a buzz as soon as the news was put on the social networking sites and the people are anxiously waiting for his show. Some people are wondering that the show will make its premier on January 26 just because the name is ‘Republic’.

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As expected, the jokes floating around have reference to Goswami’s favourite dialogue, ‘The nation wants to know’!