Arvind Kejriwal: Will take over private schools if extra fee not returned

New Delhi: Making his views clear on ‘taking over’ 449 private schools, which were given show cause notices with regard to charging extra fee, the Delhi government said that there would be attempts from their part, only if they fail to return the amount.

“Private schools are the integral part of our education system. The Delhi government has no intention to interfere in their functioning but we, as a responsible government, will surely ensure discipline in these schools,” pointed out Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

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The 449 schools, consisting of number of top private schools, were identified by a committee appointed by the Delhi HC for ‘overcharging’ parents on the pretext of conducting the sixth pay commission.

“Some of these schools are doing good work. But if they don’t implement the recommendations of the Justice Anil Dev’s committee and return the fees, then we will take them over as a last resort,” said Delhi CM.

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The private schools, are saying that there are number of ‘lapses’ in the calculation of ‘extra’ money by the committee. “Several schools have grievances with the committees recommendation. We have received complaints from 25-30 schools saying the calculations done by justice Dev committee are incorrect,” said SK Bhattacharya, president of Action Committee Unaided Recognised Private School.


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