As a kid I was rebellious: Aamir Khan

Photo of Bollywood actor Aamir Khan.

Mumbai: Bollywood actor Aamir Khan seemed to be excited during the launch of the song ‘Haanikark bapu’ in his upcoming movie ‘Dangal’. All the media person and journalists were requested to bring their children along with them at the song launch event.

After the interview began Aamir asked all the children whether their father is strict or not? To which the children replied that they feel mothers are much stricter in nature than the fathers.

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In the interview, Aamir took the initiative to tell about his father and went on to say that: “My father was more like a Hitler! We were really scared of him. As a kid, I was rebellious.”

The movie also portrays Aamir as a strict father, who makes his daughters do intense workout in order to make them powerful enough to wrestle against anyone. The song ‘Haanikark bapu’ shows how a father can be haanikark for his children because of his strict and harsh nature.

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During the interview when asked if these days can we force children to choose a profession of our choice? To this Aamir further stated: “Children today know what they are looking forward to in life. We have to support our children in whatever they would like to take up as their profession. Nonetheless, we can always talk about the benefits of what they choose and discuss it out with them. In this film, these girls are strong enough to be able to play the game. So they do rigorous workouts, that I make them do as a father. That’s why they find me a ‘haanikark bapu’.”

By:- Prishita Rathi

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