Baba Ramdev bandwagon just goes on

Dehradun: Go to any top notch corporation in India, and you will get the identical picture. There is a strong possibility of you seeing a glass-and-chrome office filled predominantly with men in suits and ties or, at their most casual, shirts and dark trousers.

But what about a company that is run by a sadhu?

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Patanjali is India’s fastest growing FMCG company. In May of this year, the company announced in media that it had doubled revenues in a matter of year to more than Rs 10,000 crore, becoming country’s biggest consumer goods company, second only to Hindustan Unilever.

In a matter of just 365 days, the company of Baba Ramdev has leapfrogged past giant companies like ITC, Dabur, Tata and Nestle.

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So in short, Patanjali certainly comes under the category of a corporate high performer.

Similar to any other big FMCG company, Patanjali has an excellent food park, stretching across vast land, with state-of-the art machinery imported from around the globe, alongside factory floor that is governed by intricately comprehensive standard operating routines with workers in hair nets and gloves.

Furthermore, not only do employees touch the feet of the leadership team but meetings are not the conventional round-table affairs.

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At the time of meetings, Ramdev sits on a high seat. Everyone else, be it CEO or a general factor worker, sits on the floor.