Babri Masjid Case: Mosque Can Be Built At A Distance, Says Shia Board

New Delhi: The Shia Central Wakf Board has told SC that there should be a construction of a mosque in a Muslim-centric area at a reasonable distance from the most revered place of birth of Lord Ram in Ayodhya.

It is worthwhile mentioning that the Allahabad HC, by a 2:1 majority, had said the land be divided in an equal manner among three parties, namely, the Sunni Waqf Board, the Nirmohi Akhara and Ram Lalla. Appeals against this verdict are still to come.

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While The Sunni Wakf Board happen to be one of the appellants, the Shia Board does not come under the category of the main appellant to the title dispute.
In an affidavit, the Shia board has once again maintained that the Babri Masjid site was its property and they have the rights to hold talks for an amicable settlement of the dispute.
They are also of the view that the Sunni Board is under the dominant control of Sunni hardliners, fanatics and non-believers in peaceful co-existence.
Shia Board thinks that closeness of place of worships i.e. masjid and mandir of the two litigating parties should be avoided in as much as parties using loudspeakers generally disturb the religious performances of each other.


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