Babul Supriyo come out supporting Vikas Barala

NEW DELHI: Union minister Babul Supriyo has come out in defence of Vikas Barala. On an expected note, Supriyo has been slammed by women’s rights activists and lawyers.

To Vikas Barala defence, Heavy Industries minister said that boy-chasing-girl is quite identical to what happens in Bollywood films.

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It is worthwhile mentioning that Chandigarh resident Varnika Kundu, daughter of an IAS officer, accused Vikas Barala of chasing her through with the intention of kidnapping her.

Women rights activist has described Supriyo’s remark as shameful and misogynistic.
Social media is also criticizing the Babul Supriyo statement. With one person in Twitter saying that it is a view that you don’t expect anyone, more so someone in a position of authority, to voice.
Others are saying that stalking is not a matter of fun. It is quite a serious offence that results in trauma and injury to the victim.