Banana could be wiped out globally in five to 10 years

Sydney: Banana could be a fruit of past in future because a fast advancing fungal disease will wiped out this fruit globally in just five to ten years.

Research warns that a threat is coming from Sigatoka complex, according to which three fungal diseases, which pose a huge risk to the world’s banana supply.

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Researchers discovered how this group of three closely related fungal pathogens evolved into a lethal threat to the world’s bananas.

The banana is the world’s leading fruit crop and ranks fourth as a global staple food.

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Almost 140 million tonnes of the fruit are produced across the world every year.

At almost 25 million tonnes annually, India leads among the 10 major producers globally.

Bananas, however, are prone to many diseases that can severely reduce production, posing a threat to global food security.

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