Bangladesh landslide kill five

Dhaka: As per the information by the police, minimum of five members of a family lost their lives while one is reported missing due to a landslide in Bangladesh’s Chittagong region.

Senior police official told that five bodies have been recovered subsequent to the rain-triggered landslide that impacted the remote hilly area of Sitakunda.

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Experts gave their viewpoint ad said that unplanned urbanisation and illegal constructions chiefly on the outskirts have enhanced the chances of landslide and other disasters in Chittagong hill tracts.

They also mentioned that hundreds of families, predominantly those who have migrated from other parts of the country due to natural disasters, have settled on such foothills.

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According to the country’s meteorological office, Chittagong recorded 378 mm rainfall in the last 12 hours. At least 153 people were killed and hundreds injured in landslides that devastated a large number of houses in Chittagong on June 11 night.