Barcelona Terror Attack: At least a dozen dead

Barcelona: Spain was not at ease in what authorities termed as terrorist incidents, when a driver swerved a van into crowds in Las Ramblas district, killing more than 12 people and injuring scores of others.

Earlier, an attempted attack came into the foray in a town down the coast. The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the incident.

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Authorities have announced in media that 5 people had suffered serious injuries and that the death toll can go up. Over 100 people were hurt.

Point to be noted here is that Spain had been spared a large-scale terrorist attack since the 2004 bombing of the Madrid rail system that killed 192 people and injured about 2,000.

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“Terrorists will never defeat a united people who love freedom in the face of barbarism,” pointed out Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.

According to the sources, the attackers were attempting to use gas canisters in Las Ramblas to cause even more casualties.

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