Beat the heat this summer with latest fashion trend

Bright sunshine and heat waves sometimes make you feel out of fashion in summers and this time round if you are willing to be trendy and cool at the same time then have a look at these tips.

Here are some cloth options you can go for these summers:

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1)  Wear cotton fabrics: Wearing cotton clothes during summers will be a perfect option as cotton absorbs the sweat and allows it to evaporate in the air. Therefore, it will keep you cool and free from infections and rashes.

2)  Stick to loose clothes: In summers, avoid wearing tight or body-fit clothes because that restricts your blood-circulation.

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3)  Go for light colour options: Light colour clothes like white, yellow, sky blue and other light shades are preferable during summers as they reflect the heat which keeps the body cool as compared to the darker shades.

4)  Opt for right clothing styles: Wear clothes like shorts, skirts and sleeveless tops as such clothes will make you feel less hot.

5)  Avoid wearing heavy dresses: Wearing heavy dresses in the summers will result in excessive sweating and rashes. Therefore, avoid wearing heavy dresses.

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By- Palak Bajpai