Beware kids Television makes you dumb!

Photo related to children's watching television.

Los Angeles: Letting your children to watch their favorite shows may end up damaging their skills and losing their creativity.

Just watching television (TV) for 15 minutes or more a day can make your kid mind dumb.

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Shocked! But this is fact that if a kid watches television for 15 min or more a day can lose his/her creativity is revealed by a study.

Almost every parent some or the other day has commanded their child to stay away from TV, now the researchers disclosed the fact that our parents advises were so accurate might be at that time we had took it useless yet this study proves that elders are not always wrong.

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The research conducted on kids also states that children who spend their time in reading, playing or solving puzzles instead watching TV are more creative and have a sharp mind.

Lecturer at Stafford shire University in Britain, Sarah Rose, said that ‘There was clear evidence that children came up with less original ideas immediately after watching television.’

The study also reveals that watching TV adversely effects health of children and might increases chances of heart borne diseases.

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There is a myth that low show paced programs are educational but the recent study done does not support it.
Key person in the research conducted, Rose said ‘if children are less creative in their play, this could, over time, negatively impact their development.’

So, next time when your parents do snatch TV remote and shut it down, show gratitude by saying thanks instead losing your temper.