“Bhaisahab (Akhilesh) and I share a very good bond”: Prateek Yadav

Mulayam Singh Yadav’s younger son Prateek Yadav today stated that he and Akhilesh Yadav share a very good bond and there are no issues within the family. He also said that both he and Akhilesh Yadav love sports and whenever they get time they play badminton together.

Prateek further made it clear that he has no plans of making his way into politics and is rather focused making a mark in his own business.

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Recently, Prateek Yadav was in limelight for his sparkling blue Rs 5.28 crore Lamborghini that he was seen driving in Lucknow and various parties including BJP took this as a great chance to criticize ‘samajwadi’ ideology.

Prateek said that he always wanted to own Lamborghini and worked hard for it and stated: “I was in college when I heard of the car and decided I will work hard to own it some day. Some made fun of me. People may have this notion that I am arrogant but when they find me very different.”

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Prateek is a fitness freak and owns a chain of high-end gyms that is known to be his passion as well as his business that he wants to expand in the whole country.

Prateek’s wife Aparna Yadav is contesting from Lucknow Cantonment seat on Samajwadi Party ticket and is expected to give good results for the Samajwadi Party. There is almost everyone in his family into politics, Prateek has his own interests and plans and feels that one should follow the dreams that makes one happy.

Talking about the spat within the Samajwadi family, Prateek said that “Bhai sahab (Akhilesh) and Netaji are two different individuals, so differences in opinion is bound to happen.”

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However, he further said that he believe that having different views over an issue always give way to new ideas and so the alliance between Samajwadi Party and Congress is an evidence to the fact.