BHU Molestation Case: Shame on Yogi government

VARANASI: Even as the BHU crisis kept on lingering, the comprehensive three-page complaint of the molestation victim at the university has made shocking disclosure on how men on a motorcycle had groped her.

According to the official sources, the complaint also makes startling revelation that the guards stationed on BHU campus kept on questioning the movement by the victim’s friends after 6pm at the campus.

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According to the FIR, the incident had taken place at 6.20 pm on September 21, on the eve of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s arrival in his Lok Sabha constituency for a two-day tour.

“I was passing by Bharat Kala Bhawan at 6.20 pm. I was wearing salwar suit. Suddenly, two motorcycle-borne youth came and inserted their hands inside my suit. They then sped away. Due to fading light, I could not recognise the registration numbers,” the complaint reads.

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She reveals how desperate pleas by her and her friends before the BHU guards to recognise the men despite sharing their description invoked scornful remarks. “While I was almost unconscious and weeping, my friends, approached guards but their reaction was strange. They made sarcastic remarks on why we move outside after 6pm.

The girl has also disclosed that one of the male students, who had seen the incident, showed up the courage to describe assailants as “one man in white and other in red shirt” but security guards did not bother to make any attempts to find them.


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