Big B has fan following of 22 million on Twitter

Mumbai: Bollywood Megastar Amitabh Bachchan is now the most followed Indian actor on Twitter with a fan following of 22 million on the micro-blogging platform.

Very near to him is Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has 22 million Twitter followers. On Saturday night, Amitabh expressed his excitement over getting 22 million followers.

“BADUMBA! Twitter followers reaches 22 million AB22Million…thank you all… your love made it,” Big B tweeted. Among the other celebrities who have big fan following on Twitter are Shah Rukh Khan with 20.8 million, Salman Khan with 19 million, Aamir Khan with 18.3 million, Priyanka Chopra with 14.8 million and Deepika Padukone 15.6 million.