Big Loophole in VVIP security: Medical kit kept for Sonia Gandhi wasn’t working!

Lucknow: Congress President Sonia Gandhi who fell ill during her Varanasi rally few days back is now recovering well but there has been a shocking revelation that came out from the place where the rally took place is that there were no availability of proper checkup instruments in the ambulance that was kept with the fleet for the care of Congress President. According to the sources the BP checkup machine and thermometer were not working properly and SPG denied using them for the Congress President.

SPG denied using the medical instruments kept there as they were not proper and were used before. Even as the ambulance took a lot of time to reach Sonia Gandhi after she fell ill, ambulance was behind the other 24 fleet vehicles and took a lot of time to reach the spot.

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This casual move might have been dangerous if the urgency of the moment would have been more. Facilities are expected to be on the higher side and done by professional when it comes to the VVIP people and if this can be the case for the most powerful people of the country then the common man needs to sit back and think if there are any basic medical facilities available for them?

Apart from the lack of proper medical instruments there was also no lady doctor present at the second shift for the treatment. These big loopholes are showing the lack of responsibility and careless approach carried out by the officials.

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