Bigg Boss 10 Highlights: Manoj asks Lokesh to share bed with Swami Om

Photo of Bogg Boss season 10th contestant Swami Om (Left) along with Lokesh Kumari Sharma.

Each episode of this season ends with a question in the minds of the viewers of what will happen next? Yesterday’s episode brought the house members into shock when Om Swami was eliminated from the house but unknown of the fact that he is been seeing and listening things from a secret room.

Meanwhile, Lokesh when left isolated was seen singing an emotional song to which Swami Om first accompanied her in singing the same song from the secret room and further commented that this emotional side of hers won’t help her escape from the eliminations.

Bigg Boss is famous for giving shocks to the contestants and another shock was the comeback of Swami Om in the house and all the house members kind of pretended to be happy on his return.

By the end of the episode Manoj is seen asking Lokesh to share her bed with Swami Om due to the lack of beds in the house but this statement was not at all convincing. Lokesh went to Bani and Nitibha to discuss the matter but they asked her not to do so.

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(Story by:- Prishita Rathi)

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