Bigg Boss 10 Highlights: Who will get evicted this week? Here’s the answer!

Photo of controversial reality TV show contestant Navin Prakash.

Mumbai: This week brought so many ups and downs in the ‘Bigg Boss 10’ house. The contestants were inactive and initiated less effort in the tasks this week.

No excitement, no one took a proper stand on their ideas, no major fights and this led to an absolute disappointment of the viewers.

However, Salman will be seen bursting out with anger by the performance of the contestants this week in the ‘Weekend ka Vaar’. Amidst all this, the tension remains as everyone is curious to know who will get evicted this week. The nominated contestants include Navin Prakash, Lokesh, Manveer and Rahul Dev.

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We saw in the past week that Lokesh and Manveer took a stand and were seen making their voices audible enough. But Rahul Dev maintained his image of being sleepy and lazy.

Talking about Navin, he has the maximum chances to get evicted this week and this estimation was recently done by asking the audience to give their votes through poll to the one who should be out of the house this week.

Guess what? Navin received the maximum votes and hence is predicted that his journey of ‘Bigg Boss 10’ will come to an end this week. Out of the total 896 votes polled, Navin got 57%, Lokesh 19%, Rahul 17% and Manveer 7%.

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(Story by:- Prishita Rathi)