Bigg Boss 10 insider: Here’s who Mona Lisa’s boyfriend accuses during his visit in the house

Photo of Bhojpuri actor Vikrant Singh Rajpoot with girlfriend Monalisa during his visit in the Bigg Boss house.

Mumbai: It’s family time in Bigg Boss 10! During a task given by Bigg Boss in which some of the family members of the contestants were allowed to enter the house and this turn in the show brought a roller coaster ride of emotions, love, confusion and many other things. The interesting part was when Monalisa’s boyfriend and Bhojpuri actor Vikrant Singh Rajpoot visited the house and created a fuss among all the house members.

He accused Manu Punjabi for creating misunderstanding between him and his girlfriend Monalisa. He also said that they are trying to create a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship or something more than friendship but that won’t last after the show.

The relationship between Manu and Mona is already creating a hubbub with her relationship with Vikrant hitting a rough patch. While he entered the house, he first approached Manu and criticizes him for speaking ill about him in front of his girlfriend but also said that whatever happened can never break their 8 year’s relationship. On the other hand, when he left the house after meeting Mona she was a lot more relaxed then.

While talking to the media, Vikrant shared his experience inside the house and went on to say that: “My experience in the Bigg Boss house was good. I know Mona for eight years and it is not like she has done something out of the blue or has gone out of her nature. She behaves like this but the truth is that it has only been with me. That (in the show) is over friendly Mona Lisa.”

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When talking about Mona and Manu, he further went on to say that: “I am sure if Mona gets to know all the stuff that Manu said when he was in the secret room; she will walk out (of the relationship). When I met her, she seemed very scared and confused that I have left her, and I feel Manu had a big role to play in creating that misunderstanding.”

He also took to appreciate Manu and Manveer for supporting Mona throughout and further added: “There is no denying that Manu and Manveer (Gurjar) have supported Mona, but one went to her as a friend and another as boyfriend or whatever image is being created.” Vikrant feels Mona will not be in touch with Manu and Manveer after the show.

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