Bigg Boss 10 insider: Here’s why Swami Om got slapped in the house!

Photo of Bigg Boss 10 insider Rohan Mehra slaps Swami Om.

Mumbai: After continuous repetition of ill-behavior of Bigg Boss 10 contestant Swami Om another contestant who supposedly was calm and composed finally lost his temper and did something which could cost him elimination or some severe punishment. During a task contestant Rohan Mehra lost control over him and went on to slap Om Swami for doing every possible thing to win the captaincy task by hook or by crook.

It would be nothing wrong to say that this season of Bigg Boss brought in some most unexpected things be it including commoners in the show to Priyanka Jagga thrown out of the show by the host Salman Khan for her misbehavior and that has never happened in the history of Bigg Boss.

Now, the latest incident is another shocker for the viewers as Swami Om is once again in the limelight for his absurd acts and now that he have even managed to take off his pants during the ‘Toofan’ task in the yesterday’s episode and pissing off Rohan Mehra by his behavior. Amidst all this Rohan could not control his rage and slapped Swamiji and the entire house was shocked with the act.

After this Omji as usual got another chance for receiving footage and started crying all day long and demanded Rohan being thrown out of the show for breaking a very important rule of the house. For now, Rohan was punished by Bigg Boss for breaking the rule and he will now be nominated for the entire season. The question here arises, Will Swami Om be satisfied with the decision or will he keep demanding Bigg Boss to throw Rohan out of the house? Will Rohan Mehra get evicted for slapping Omji?

Currently Swamiji has been taken out for his treatment as he has complained of not being able to hear from one ear. It will be interesting to see who Salman will support this time in the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episode.

Well, for now let’s wait and watch that who will be the next to be thrown out of the house after Priyanka Jagga.

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