Bigg Boss 10 insider: Did Rohan Mehra get eliminated this week?

Photo of Bigg Boss 10 contestant Rohan Mehra.

Mumbai: Bigg Boss 10 is currently seeing its one of the most interesting phases as after five days the show will witness its grand finale in the grandest manner. The controversial reality show will see a surprise eviction recently which will leave top four contestants instead of five in the house.

The unlucky one to leave the house right before the grand finale was Rohan Mehra, who got evicted in mid-night surprise elimination. Bani and Rohan were nominated together for the last nominations for the entire season. Both of them were asked to stand in the garden area and press a buzzer placed nearby.

While the two were standing the cut-outs with their picture on it were placed in the garden area. Rohan and Bani were then asked to press a buzzer together and the cut-out of the person who caught the fire was asked to leave the show. It was Rohan’s poster that caught fire.

After Rohan’s eviction his BFF on the show Lopamudra Raut cried her heart out and felt helpless after her greatest support left the house and was extremely shocked and unhappy with the decision of the viewers. She even refused to believe the fact that her best friend had to leave the show at this stage.

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