Bigg Boss 10 Shocker: Salman refuses to be a part of grand finale over Swami’s presence?

Photo of Bollywood actor Salman Khan.

Mumbai: We all know about Salman Khan’s dialogue in his movie ‘Wanted’ says ‘Ek baar jo maine commitment kar di toh phir mai aapne aapki bhi nhi sunta’, he sticks to what he says not only in his movies but also in his real life.

Salman is one man we know who believes in carrying grudges to grave. Now the actor has already threatened the makers of Bigg Boss that he will not shoot for the finale episode if they decide to bring Swami Om back on the show.

He previously stated very clearly that if they get Priyanka Jagga back on the channel, he will never work with the channel. The actor also was happy when the makers of the show threw Swami out of the show and lauded the decision.

Bhaijaan has already given a warning to the channel and has threatened to leave the grand finale shoot and said that he won’t be part of the show’s finale episode if they decide to get Swami Om on the show. Well, let’s wait and watch what Colors or Endemol will do next!

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