Bigg Boss Highlights: All the contestants merge as merely housemates

Photo of 'Bigg Boss 10' season contestants who all merged as merely housemates.

Mumbai: Merging of celebrities and commoners as merely house members will bring twists and turns in the house and will surely create tension among the contestants.

Now, there will not be two teams of ‘maliks’ and ‘sevaks’ in the house wherein ‘maliks were the kings’ and ‘sevaks were the servants’ who were responsible to do all the household chores. From now onwards all the members will stand equal as house members.

But now the interesting part will be to see how the house members come up together in unity and divide the work among themselves. They all have to come out of their celebrity and malik comfort zone and will absolutely have no escape where they can run away from the house work.

This change of merging both the teams after two weeks might create confusion and fights and will turn everything topsy-turvy.

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(Story by:- Prishita Rathi)


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