Bill Gates does not use iPhone, instead he prefers Android smartphone

New York: First thing first, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates shared a unique relationship between each other. They were friends and they were rivals too.

The duo have played a pivotal part in shaping up the tech industry. However, that does not mean that Gates may have begun using the iPhone in the late Apple co-founder’s honour…

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Point to be noted here is that Windows smartphones were a thing of the past and have been wiped out from the market because of a tough competition from Android and Apple. In a recent interaction, Gates disclosed that he recently switched to an Android device and still uses Windows-based PCs.

Gates also highlighted the fact that even though he uses an Android device, he mostly used Microsoft software on the Android phone. Microsoft makes or owns a range of software like Skype, Word, Outlook email and others that work well on Android devices.

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Taking a cue for the Windows operating system, Gates may be a fan of the Google software simply because it does not lock you into an ecosystem.