Bizarre from BHU VC: Don’t talk about sexual harassment

Varanasi: In what can be termed as a shocking statement, BHU Vice-Chancellor Girish Chandra Tripathi has warned girl students at the campus against talking about sexual harassment openly.

As if this weren’t bizarre enough, he opted for another sexist statement. He said that in trying to talk about sexual harassment, the girl students “have put their modesty in the market”.

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When Yogi Adityanath was asked whether the girls’ safety inside the campus had been compromised, he said strict action should have been taken when the matter was first reported, while going on to add that the entry of outsiders in any university must be strictly prohibited.

“The BHU administration should have ensured the safety and security of girls on priority. We have sent a report to the Centre. I assure that the administration will do its utmost to see to it that the aggrieved girls get justice. I have asked the BHU to strictly bar the entry of outsiders or unknown elements inside the premises”, Adityanath said.

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While demand for VC sacking keep on growing, Tripathi remains defiant and unapologetic over the situation and has instead blamed the media for blowing a ‘non-issue’ out of proportion.


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