BJP making ‘fun’ of Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: In what can be termed as a BJP poking fun at Rahul Gandhi, saying it has won everywhere the Congress leader has campaigned and claimed that his presence was only on Twitter.

Prakash Javadekar also pinpointed his party’s performance in the local body polls in Maharashtra and Gujarat to assert that it remained the people’s choice for development across the country.

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“Rahul Gandhi is only on Twitter. His politics is confined to tweets. If you have mass support, then tweets are a symbol of strength, but doing politics through tweets is political bankruptcy,” he told reporters.

Though elections were not held on the basis of party symbols, political parties, including the BJP, had announced their choice of candidates in advance to highlight the affiliation of winners.

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Statistics wise, in Gujarat, six of the eight local body seats were won by the BJP in by-elections compared to two it had bagged earlier,  while the Congress’ tally of fell to two from six, Javadekar said.

“The BJP is winning everywhere. People across the country are supporting us for development as they have faith in the party and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership,” he said.

Javadekar, who is the BJP’s in-charge for Karnataka Assembly polls, also accused the Congress of working to divide various communities to win.

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