BJP trying to taint BSP’s image, says Mayawati

Photo of BSP chief Mayawati.

BSP supremo Mayawati today took a scathing attack on BJP government and accused them of plotting the strategy to defame the BSP party ahead of elections.

On the allegation regarding the hefty amount deposited in one of the party accounts, Mayawati stated that they have deposited all funds keeping in mind the rules and regulations.

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She further rebuffed the allegations that were made earlier for her brother Anand Kumar regarding the association of black money.

BSP supremo also said that BJP possess ‘dalit virodhi maansikta’ and is trying hard to defame the party through various means.

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She also said that the money that BSP has collected has come from the donations done by the party workers and that was deposited in account and is not a black money by any means.

Hitting hard at the BJP she stated that Prime Minister should give all the details of the expenditure that BJP has done before and after the demonetization move.

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