“Bollywood was never my dream, in all honesty”: Sajal Ali

Mumbai: Pakistani actress Sajal Ali who worked along with Sridevi in her debut film “Mom” said that Bollywood in all honesty was never her dream.

Describing her experience in Bollywood she went on to say that: “Bollywood was never my dream, in all honesty. I was happy working here and that was not something I was working towards but this story moved me.”

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She played the role of a rape survivor in the movie “Mom”. Speaking about her challenging role she went on to say that: “It was definitely a challenging role, I mean any character you play, you have to really commit to it and kind of naturally become like that, and at least that’s how I function.”

She further added: “I always knew that if I worked in Bollywood, I have certain limitations and boundaries that I would not want to cross and this movie was about a sensitive topic, everything was handled so tastefully.”

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Sajal said she has received three film contracts from Sridevi’s husband, Boney Kapoor. When enquired about her future plans she said: “But now I don’t know what’s in the near future. They handed me the complete package on a silver platter: a meaty character, an excellent cast, the best of the best and for that, I’m forever grateful.”