Bombay HC to announce verdict on Udta Punjab row on June 13

A much controversial crime thriller Udta Punjab gained enough trouble even before blazing the box office. Abhishek Chaubey made an attempt to peer the anomalies of a drug afflicted state along with the grievances that follow.

Story mainly revolves around the gravity of drug abuse in Punjab and its devastating effect on youths. Star casting: Shahid Kapoor as Tommy Singh has been seen shedding off his suave demeanor to get akin to his character of a Rockstar, who is a drug addict.

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Alia Bhatt , heartthrob of millions, known for her versatility and fortitude to adorn wide array of character, has yet again manifested her forte and amazed her fans by her charm, but a bit differently as Kumari Pinky a Bihari Migrant. Kareena Kapoor Khan is playing the role of Dr. Preet Sahani and Dilijit Dosanjh as Sarjeet Singh.

Udta Punjab has been facing a heat from censor board due to its divisive content. Following which Abhishek Chaubey and Pahalaj Nihalini (CBFC chief) locked horns on the issue and further initiated the conflict by ordering 94 cuts in the movie for which several other directors came in the support of Abhishek.

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Subsequently, on Friday, Bombay HC terminated the case by stating the audience is mature enough to make choices about the films they want to watch and CBFC’s job is to certify and not censor the film. The HC said that the movie “wants to save people from drugs” and “has not been made with a view to malign the state or its people”. Reacting to this, Pahlaj Nihalani, CBFC chief, said, “Now it’s up to the court. Our job is done.” The HC will announce its verdict on Monday.