Braid cutting cases: Investigation starts

Lucknow: The police have started investigation into the ‘braid cutting’ cases reported in various districts of UP.

At the time of probe, few victims told police officials that they cut their hair on the recommendation of sorcerer while there were number of them who claimed their braid was chopped by large Indian civet – ‘Bijju’. A few also said a cat cut their hair.

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After hearing victims in a comprehensive manner, the police registered FIRs in Gorakhpur, Agra, Bareilly, Moradabad and Mathura.

It is worthwhile mentioning that On August 1, an FIR was registered against a sorcerer, Chandrabhan Das at Campeerganj police station in Gorakhpur district after a girl said she cut her braid on the advice of Das.

On the other hand, in Munda Pandey village of Moradabad, a woman complained that a ‘Bijju’ cut her hair while she was asleep in her house. An FIR was registered under the Wildlife Act.

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Police officials are urging people not pay heed to rumours.