Breaking: Country is going through super emergency, Modi should quit: Mamata

Mamata Banerjee today took on the Modi government over the demonetization issue and stated that the current situation of the country is like super emergency and Prime Minister should quit as he has failed to keep the situation under control.

Mamata was briefing the media along with Congress Vice- President Rahul Gandhi and took sharp attacks on the Modi government over the problems that are been suffered by the common people after the 8 November demonetization move.

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TMC Supremo further went on to say that things have not changed much and the move cannot completely curb black money.

Rahul Gandhi on the other hand stated that Prime Minister should be answerable for the flaws that have been seen in the recent past and the nation should be given clear answer as to when these problems will be solved.

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Congress Vice President further added that 50 days that Narendra Modi asked for, are on the verge of completion and still the problems of cash are not solved and it looks as if 6-7 months more will be taken for things to get back to normal.