Breastfeeding helps women in reducing risk of Type 2 diabetes

London: As we are well aware about that breastfeed is good for infant development and also for the health of babies, but this time researchers found that breastfeeding has potential to reduce risk of Type 2 diabetes among mothers who feed their milk to their babies.

According to new research revealed that breastfeeding can alter the material metabolism that protect against diabetes.

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In this study, researchers have found that the metabolites in women who breastfed for more than three months differed significantly from those who had shorter lactation periods.

A German research institute, lead-author Daniela Much from Helmholtz Zentrum Munchen said: “Longer periods of lactation are linked to a change in the production of phospholipids and to lower concentrations of branched-chain amino acids in the mothers’ blood plasma.”

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The researchers further said “the metabolites involved were linked in earlier studies with insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.”


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