British Defense Secretary to hold talk with Jaitley

Photo of the British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon.

New Delhi: During the first India-UK Strategic Dialogue, the British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon who will be arriving in India today on a four-day visit will hold talk with the Defense Minister Arun Jaitley.

According to the information given by the British High Commission, Fallon, the third British Cabinet Minister to visit India in April, will also visit Mumbai. He will also meet Indian Defence Ministry officials, military staff, and business and opinion leaders.

It was agreed to hold the first India-UK Strategic Dialogue during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s November 2015 visit to Britain as part of the bilateral Defence and International Security Partnership.

Fallon’s visit is expected to further cement the bilateral defence and international security partnership.

The India-UK Strategic Dialogue will look at ways of enforcing cooperation in science and technology, research and development and countering violent extremism, a High Commission statement said.

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